• Science and Humanities Department (Supporting department)
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    The Department of Science and Humanities is the foundation of Engineering programmes. The Department of Science and Humanities initiates and prepares the students to achieving critical thinking, ability to innovate, work in multicultural environments and adapt to professional courses. In this era of STEM, Science and Mathematics have a major role to play in Engineering Education. Courses such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English taught by the Department of Science and Humanities during the first year, facilitate better understanding of the courses of their specialization. The Science and Humanities courses impart essential skills like effective communication, leadership skills and team spirit in the first year of Engineering.

  • Facilities

    The department has got excellent LABORATORY facilities for various courses like English, Physics and Chemistry which enable students to engage in analysing and inferring the role of Science and Humanities in Engineering applications.


    Language Laboratory is an important Laboratory managed by English faculty and it sharpens the writing, speaking, reading and pronunciation skills of students which are very much required in understanding various technical terms and equips them for placement. This state-of-the-art laboratory facilitates students to explore the realm of English, especially for their professional growth. Students are encouraged to practice listening skills, enrich vocabulary, develop communication skills through group discussion and their reading skills are enhanced through ample practice. In addition, it creates a pleasing and joyful learning environment.


    The Physics Laboratory is equipped with experimental set-ups that support theory course in physics and enhances the students’ practical knowledge on Engineering Physics. This laboratory gives hands-on training in latest physics concepts and applications.


    The Chemistry Laboratory is a well-established Laboratory with state-of-the-art instruments that help in imparting important laboratory techniques used in engineering applications. The experiments are designed to back up the theoretical concepts taught in the theory class.

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