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    "To impart intellectual, value based education for women Civil Engineering students and strive towards excellence for the sustainable development of the society"

    • To promote high caliber quality education with technical skills and develop women Civil Engineering students as best technocrats.
    • To stimulate innovative and critical thinking in the minds of budding Engineers to face the challenges in the future of Civil Engineering.
    • To shape the students with strong ethical values, to serve the society and nation as Civil Engineers.
    • To inculcate, dynamic leadership qualities and make them as role models for challenging society.
    • To eradicate inequality from the minds of women Civil Engineering students and make them as model Entrepreneurs

    The department of Civil Engineering was established in 2005 and offers B.E in Civil Engineering and also Ph.D. programme. The department is actively involved in research activities in the field of Structural Engineering, Construction Management, Green Buildings, Energy and Environmental Engineering. The department has a CSIR sponsored Research Lab catering to the needs of research and undergraduate students. Faculty has also filed Patent for their innovative work. Civil Engineers are the need of the hour as several infrastructure projects both in Public and private sectors are going on and planned for the next decade. The department is striving hard to prepare the Nextgen Engineers with knowledge of new technologies and modern tools.

    1. B.E. in Civil Engineering
    2. Ph.D in Civil Engineering

    The Programme Educational Objectives of the department are as follows:


    A graduate of Civil Engineering Programme will be able to:

    PEO1: Enhance knowledge in fundamental concepts and professional skills in Civil Engineering fields for providing feasible solutions to confront technical and societal challenges

    PEO2: Develop a research attitude and applying in real time problems through lifelong learning

    PEO3: Inculcate excellence in leadership, entrepreneurship, social, professional, environmental and ethical responsibility in the fields of Civil Engineering

    A graduate of Civil Engineering Programme will have ability to:
    PSO 1: Equip in planning, analysis, design, execution, quality control of Civil Engineering projects through modern Civil Engineering software tools

    PSO 2: Apply green concepts in the area of construction materials & techniques, Environmental Engineering, and Soil Mechanics

  • Faculty Expertise

    The strength of the department lies in its well qualified and dedicated faculty and skilled supporting staff. The faculties are specialized in the domains like Structural Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Infrastructure Engineering, Transportation Engineering and Management & Construction Engineering and Management which are essential expertise needed to guide the students.

    Faculty Expertise

  • Academic Facilities

    The department has well established laboratories, excellent infrastructure to cater to the needs of students of all programs. The department has well equipped state of art laboratories for imparting practical knowledge. All laboratories have an excellent ambience and with state of art equipment. The infrastructure of research laboratory has been established from CSIR grant. Research lab possesses paver block production equipment and necessary block testing equipment

  • Moving Towards Excellence
    In order to excel research and continuous learning on the part of faculty is important. Both the faculty and students are marching towards excellence by publishing research papers, executing projects and attending various events in civil Engineering as well as leadership.

  • Placement Support

    The Placement and Training cell of the institution conducts several training programs through external trainers, in addition the department faculty provides necessary domain specific training and arranges Technical talks by industry experts and renowned academicians are conducted to enhance the knowledge of students.

    Some of the placements during 2019-20


    Name of the student

    Name of the Company



    Ultratech Cement LTD



    AB Academy , Coimbatore

  • Conferences and Faculty Development Events

    It is important to conduct and various conferences, seminars and FDP programmes to keep in step with the changing technologies in various specialisations. Keeping this in mind various steps are taken in the department. The faculty also takes various responsibilities in the institution to assist in administration.

  • Industry Institute Interactions
    To provide practical exposure and make students understand the corporate world has close interaction with industries. Following are some of the activities jointly organised with industries, which include internships.

    S. No

    Name of the Industry/ Organisation

    Date of MoU





    VLAND’s Best Hub



    Job Training and Conduct workshops, Seminars and Guest lectures

    3 years


    CADD Centre Training Services Pvt. Ltd., Coimbatore


    Training in Civil Engineering Softwares and conduct Guest lectures

    3 Years


    S. No

    Name of the Industry/ Organisation




    Sathish Construction, Batlagundu



    15.05.2018 to 30.05.2018


    Aarumayil Associates, Udumalpet

    06.06.2019 to 20.06.2019


    JCR Creators, Coimbatore

    04.06.2019 to 20.06.2019


    SJJ Construction, Coimbatore

    15.05.2018 to 30.05.2018


    Shree Shiva Associates, Coimbatore

    21.05.2019 to 04.06.2019


    Kaa Shiv Infotech, Chennai

    04.06.2018 to 18.06.2018


    Saksen Associates, Coimbatore

    21.05.2019 to 05.06.2019


    Sri Kariyabettarayar, Ooty

    20.05.2019 to 05.06.2019


    AB Infra Teck, Karaikudi.

    20.05.2018 to 11.06.2018


    Sri Harini Bulidres, ,Erode

    03.06.2019 to 19.06.2019


    Nandhi Builders,Mettupalayam

    09.05.2018 to 31.05.2018


    Sri Sairam Constructions, Dindugal

    09.05.2019 to 31.05.2019


    Himalaya Builders,Dindigul

    04.06.2018 to 20.06.2018


    SMP Design and Construction, Salem

    04.06.2018 to 20.06.2018


    Salem Highway Department

    22.05.2019 to 05.06.2019

  • Students Corner

    The department arranges various workshops, seminars and guest lecturers to encourage the students to learn beyond the syllabus. This imbibes in them a spirit of lifelong learning and exposure to the state-of art Technologies. Also, it creates team spirit and leadership qualities. Many students have participated in presentations and technical quiz and won laurels in various forums.

  • Alumni Corner
    Alumni Corner

    Alumni are the ambassadors of the institution and their success in their respective careers reflect the Programme Educational Objectives that the departments have promised as they enter the department.

    Alumni Activities


    In the era of so-called modernization in the educational institutions, Avinashiligam University for Women stands out to be the blend of the present modern technology adoption with the undisturbed touch of cultural and ethical values. Amongst the various departments of specialization, Civil Engineering stands out to be one of it's kind.The Civil department in Avinashiligam University has not only thought us the subject matter but also has given a lot of beautiful moments to cherish. We were given the practical exposure to organize our association meetings, guest lectures and seminars. The group surveying activities not only helped us to learn total station and theodolite but also helped us cultivate team work. The curriculum is such structured that it helps in providing a concrete foundation in all aspects of civil engineering along with the elective subjects coursed such that it helps in gaining an insight knowledge of the different areas of engineering, science and management. Thesis days were truly a hands-on experimentation on the various issues faced in the field of construction and management in professional labs under the guidance of highly experienced faculty. It not only helped us in gaining a degree but ensured that we blossom as a good citizen.
    …………………………………Sucithra. K 2015 passed out

    Our college has given special courage and knowledge to explore our field. We learnt alot in the field and so we could be able to relate it with software in our projects. We were trained to indulge in the field and that made us to sustain in the field. The campus and the ambience give a peaceful atmosphere to learn.
    ……………………..Madhanasree.R.M 2014 Passed out

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