Collector Anshul Mishra: I studied in the liberated environment of JNU, Delhi from where many students qualify for Civil Services. JNU allows learning with open mind and liberal values and helps in shaping the students into mature personalities with a balanced head. Preparation for IAS is quite rigorous and one should be prepared to sacrifice petty pleasures and undergo the full year grind.

Student Editor: How is social networking helpful in your profession?

Collector Anshul Mishra: We have a page called ‘Madurai Collector’ on Facebook and through this medium people can express their grievances and problems.  I have a team who will attend to the needs of the people immediately. Also, it ensures that there is no corruption under my administration.

Student Editor: Whose co-operation do you require the most in the society?

Collector Anshul Mishra: We work in a complex system. The system moves because of joint efforts made by all its parts. If one part is damaged or dysfunctional, it affects the whole system. By better

co-operation between bureaucracy, political executive, media, judiciary, various associations and ultimately the common people, the system can be run in a better manner.

Student Editor: What should be people's contribution to make a major transformation?

Collector Anshul Mishra: Every citizen should be socially responsible. Civic consciousness and moral values should be inculcated from childhood onwards.  But we are still evolving and the youth can do a lot as role models to younger children. Everybody is equal before law and if we believe in this, we will not hesitate in taking action against anybody. If there is any complaint, it has to be registered and necessary action has to be initiated to provide relief to the complainant and render justice.

Student Editor: What is your message to the civil service aspirants and your colleagues in this field?

Collector Anshul Mishra: For the aspirants of Civil Service, I want to mention again that it's not a job, it's a service. While it gives you lot of power and authority, it is meant to be used for public welfare and that requires a lot of hard work and effort. IAS officers are appointed by President of India. They should be loyal to the constitution and its values. As I have said earlier, getting through this service is hard and tough but proving oneself as a worthy, honest and sincere officer is even harder as there are huge challenges once you enter the field. Only people of integrity should enter Civil Service. I would request the youth to enter the Service and bring about a positive transformation in our society. To my colleagues, I have to say that we should bring back the past glorious days of civil services and re- strengthen the steel frame for serving our country better.

Everyone says God is great, I think human beings can be equally great if they work towards creating a better world for everyone.

The Manthan team thanks profusely Collector Anshul Mishra for being kind enough to spare his precious time and talk to our student editor at length.



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This profession calls for real ‘SERVICE’ and it is not a mere  job!

I would request the youth to enter the Service and bring about a positive transformation in our society.