• Science and Humanities Department
  • Department Profile


    • The Department of Science and Humanities exists right from the inception of the Faculty of Engineering in 1996.
    • The Department acts as a bridge between Science and Engineering by incorporating the latest concepts of Science, English and Mathematics and provides the basis for all technical courses. Students are given extensive practical training including simulation experiments in Physics, Chemistry and Language Laboratories.
    • The faculty in this department are highly qualified and well experienced with most of the staff members possessing Ph.D qualification.
    • The experienced faculty members of the Department handle the young and fresh students with positive approach, pave the way for their holistic development and make them more industry ready.
    • Every Year in the beginning of First semester, the Department conducts Bridge Course to strengthen the Basic Science concepts and to familiarize applications that lead to Engineering Education.
    • Bridge course serves as a platform for better understanding of the concepts leading to engineering subjects.
    • The Department is actively involved in providing special coaching and remedial classes for the slow-learners. A comprehensive practice module comprising of drilling sessions, tests and assignments are given to the students with adequate guidance, advice and encouragement.
    • The Department periodically conducts sponsored National Conferences, Seminars sponsored by National funding agencies such as DRDO, ARMREB and ICMR. Every year, the Department organizes workshop on 'Data handling' using softwares such as SPSS, STATA and MATLAB.
    • Department of Science and Humanities brings out the latent talents of students by providing exposure and opportunities through clubs like Astronomy Club , ECO Club, Literary Society, Quiz Club and Rotract Club.
  • Staff
    Photo Nmae Designation Specialization Email id
    Dr. (Mrs). L. Mary Louis
    M. Sc. M. Phil., Ph.D

    Associate Professor,Mathematics
    and HoD
    Stochastic models marylouis69@gmail.com
    Dr. (Mrs). S. Anantha Lakshmi
    M. Sc., M. Phil., Ph. D.
    Professor Mathematics Operations,
    Research- Queueing systems
    Dr. (Mrs).A.Ayisha Begam
    M. Sc., M. Phil., B. Ed., Ph. D.,

    Associate Professor,Physics Thinfilm physics
    characterisation biomaterials
    Dr.(Mrs). S. Malarvizhi
    M. Sc. M. Phil., Ph.D

    Associate Professor ,Chemistry Microbiologically
    Influenced Corrosion
    Mrs. T.Poongodi
    M. Sc. M. Phil.,
    B. Ed., PGDCA.,(Ph.D)

    Assistant Professor (SG),Mathematics Statistical analysis
    of queueing models
    Dr.(Mrs). D. Sumitha
    M. Sc. M. Phil.,Ph.D

    Assistant Professor (SS),Mathematics Queueing Theory sumitha4677@gmail.com<br/>
    Mrs. S. Rani
    M. Sc. M. Phil.,(Ph.D)

    Assistant Professor (SS),Physics Thinfilms ranigee@gmail.com
    Dr.(Mrs). Kala Chandrasekaran
    M.A ,B .Ed, PGCTE, M.Phil.,Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor,English Postmodern Literature kala.chandrasekaran@gmail.com
    Mrs. V. M. Vijayalakshmi
    M. Sc.,  M. Phil.,(Ph.D)

    Assistant Professor ,Mathematics Topology vmvijipri@gmail.com
    Mrs. J. Sri Kiruthika
    M. Sc.,  M. Phil.,(Ph.D)

    Assistant Professor,Mathematics Topology kirthimathau.05@gmail.com
    Dr.(Mrs). R. Pappa Ammal
    M. Sc, M. Phil, B. Ed, Ph.D

    Assistant Professor ,Chemistry Phytochemistry pappins.in@gmail.com
    Dr.(Mrs) Rymala Mathen
    M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.,
    PG Diploma in Communication English

    Assistant Professor ,(EDC) Resource Management,
    Communicative English and
    Entrepreneurship Development
  • Laboratories

    Our Department has got excellent Lab facilities for the subjects English, Physics and Chemistry which emphasize on practical applications.

    Language Laboratory for Professional Communication

    This Lab provides interactive learning to the students and enhances their communication skills. Learners can use the resources of the Laboratory to improve their study skills, enrich their vocabulary, correct their pronunciation and get proficiency in grammar usage for acquiring fluency in English.

    Physics and Chemistry Laboratories

    The Physics and Chemistry laboratories are well-equipped and emphasize on practical application in their respective specialization and enhance their knowledge of industry process and techniques.

    Work Shop

    Engineering Practices Laboratory provides exposure to the students with hands on experience on various basic engineering practices in Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Students are given exposure in AUTOCAD and Graphics.