• Printing Technology
  • Vision, Mission, PEOs and PSOs

    "To tap the aesthetic, artistic, and creative skills in women candidates and mould them into responsible and adaptive Printing Engineers who can become efficient employees or successful entrepreneurs and responsible citizens"

    • To provide quality education in Printing Technology for women students,
    • To inculcate self–learning and experimental talents required of an entrepreneur
    • To prepare them to apply the concepts and values for a better living.

    The programme educational objectives of the department are as follows:

    PEO1: To provide student graduates a strong foundation in science & technology required for better living with an interdisciplinary approach.
    PEO2: To prepare the graduates to identify and analyze engineering problems in Print and allied sectors
    PEO3: To give students project based education with mathematical and simulation techniques and tools so as to enable them to easily adapt to new environments and emerging technologies.
    PEO4: To inculcate humanitarian concerns and ethics in students integrated with capacity building skills to apply the acquired knowledge for the environment, society and under-privileged community
    PSO1: To facilitate students with technology, along with hands-on experience in print and allied skills that will enable them to enter any vertical of Print-Pack Industry.
    PSO2: To provide students with engineering experience side by side with human values, environmental and societal concerns
  • Department Profile

    The Department was started in 1996, during the inception of Faculty of Engineering.

    • This is one of the very few universities in India offering a Bachelors Degree in Printing Technology and is the only institute offering it exclusively for women.
    • The Department is well-equipped with infrastructure and the University Press is the real-time production laboratory for the students. The Department also has facilities such as recycled paper making unit and ceramic mug printing unit, which gives students knowledge and exposure beyond the curriculum.
    • The Department has strong association with Industries all over India and through this linkage, students undergo internships, visit industries even to secure presses, win Best Student awards annually and bag scholarships.
    • The well qualified faculty members get themselves updated on recent trends in the industry with regular faculty trainings and are invited as speakers and committee members by the industry.
    • The Department has been recording 100% placement all these years. There is a huge need for Printing Engineers in the Print sector and our students are well placed every year.

    To tap the aesthetic, artistic, and creative skills in women candidates and mould them into responsible and adaptive Printing Engineers who can become efficient employees or successful entrepreneurs and responsible citizens
  • Staff
  • Laboratories

    Computer Laboratory and Reprography Laboratory


    Quality Control Laboratory


    Packaging Laboratory - Packaging Laboratory


    Light Table


    Print Finishing Laboratory - Wire-stitching Machine


    Die-Cutting Machine


    Printing Machines Laboratory




    Project Laboratory - Paper Recycling Unit


    Dye Sublimation Machine

  • Funds Received and Utilised

    Funds Received and Utilised

    Project Title Funding Agency Amount Outcome
    Recolouring Images for Colour blind persons UGC Rs.35,000 Effective colour Viewing of images by colourblind persons
    Equipment Grant for Aakash Centers NMEICT (MHRD,GOI) through IIT Bombay Rs.1,00,000 Students utilized Aakash tablet for
    1. academic project development
    2. Teaching and training the school students through NSS program
    3. Learned Aakash based applications
    Environment Friendly Printing and Packaging Printing Association & Industries Rs.1,03,000 Gained Knowledge in environmental friendly techniques in printing and packaging sector
    Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp EDI/DST-NIMAT Rs.1,00,000 Created Awareness towards Entrepreneurship idea in Engineering
    Enhancement of surface property of the recycled paper by polymer additives UGC Rs.20,000 On-going
    Evaluation of corrosives of Jatropha Curcas biodiesel and its blends on magnesium UGC Rs.20,000 On-going
  • Guest lectures, Workshop

    Guest lectures, Workshop,Print Carnival

    4-day CTCP Workshop Jointly conducted with M/s Technova Imaging Systems, Mumbai and GKS Process, Coimbatore, February 2018

    Guest Lecture by Mr.Nagarjun, Professor Emeritus, GIPT Hyderabad on 9th April 2018

    Special Lecture by Dr.Amrutharaj, Professor & Head, Dept of Printing & Media Technology, Manipal Institute of Technology on 7-03-2018

    Print Carnival 2018 – Students demonstrating their creations to Parents

  • Recruitment

    Recruitment - March 2018

    Name Placed in
    Abirami. S. Alia PremediaServices Pvt. Ltd., Coimbatore
    Ambika. T. Alia PremediaServices Pvt. Ltd., Coimbatore
    Ananditaa. A. Emirates Printing Press, UAE
    Harita. V.S. 2Adspro, Chennai
    Karishma. Poo. Zircon Technologies, Chennai
    Keerthana. B. Saroj Prints, Chennai
    Krishna Priya .R Saroj Prints, Chennai
    Manju.M Alia PremediaServices Pvt. Ltd., Coimbatore
    Nandhini.T Alia PremediaServices Pvt. Ltd., Coimbatore
    Pragathi.S Emirates Printing Press, UAE
    Priya. B Alia PremediaServices Pvt. Ltd., Coimbatore
    Sagunthala Devi. R Alia PremediaServices Pvt. Ltd., Coimbatore
    Sathya R Alia PremediaServices Pvt. Ltd., Coimbatore
    Shruthi.R 2Adspro, Chennai
    Sindhuja.A Zircon Technologies, Chennai
  • Entrepreneurship

    Entrepreneurship Details

    S.No Name Photography
    1. Ms.M.B. Vanavi
    (2013-2017) Batch
    M/s. Manibharathi Press
    2. Mrs.R.JuvariyaKani
    11/6/12 Subanayakar Street.
    Dhindukal - 624202
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