• Food Processing and Preservation Technology
  • About the Department
    About the Department

    This University has been the forerunner in the world of foods over decades. As a prospective visionary of future India's economy, this unique University aims to impart to the students the intricacies of industrial processing and preservation of foods.

    Enrolled students gain both theoretical and practical expertise in design and fabrication of food processing machinery, operation of widely used equipment in all food industries, modern packaging practices in all the food-processing concerns, formulation, processing and effective preservation of traditional and convenience foods. Intensive industrial exposure is provided through visits, projects and short-term training programmes in the industrial premises. Students are placed in the reputed companies and many of the students continue their studies abroad.

  • Vision, Mission, PEOs and PSOs

    To become a nodal center of excellence in creativity, innovation and research in Food Processing Technology to provide world class quality education for empowerment of women.

    MD1 To provide broad-based education, helping students hone their professional skills and acquire the best-in-class capabilities in Food Technology.
    MD2 To draw the best expertise in technology, skill development and professional management so as to equip students with appropriate skills to visualize, synthesize and implement projects in these fields.
    MD3 To imbibe a spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation in its students.
    MD4 To undertake sponsored research and provide consultancy services in industrial, education and socially relevant areas.
    PEO1 Apply principles of basic sciences and engineering to succeed in their professional career.
    PEO2 Analyze, design and develop food processes/products that are technically feasible, economically viable and socially relevant.
    PEO3 Exhibit professional skills and an aptitude for continuous learning for catering to the ever-changing needs of the society.
    PSO1: Apply appropriate technologies to develop innovative and safe food products.
    PSO2: Promote graduates for a prospective career and pursue higher education.
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  • Industry Institute Linkages
    Industry Institute Linkages

    The aim is to impart professional education and make the students industry-ready by providing exposure to current industrial practices through internships, workshops, training program, guest lecture etc.

    • Organizing Workshops, conferences and symposia with joint participation of the faculty and the industries.
    • Provide skill based knowledge to students and create awareness on the recent tools adopted in industries.
    • Participation of experts from industry for curriculum development.
    • Memorandum of Understanding between the academia and industries to bridge the gap through effective planning
    • Visiting faculty/professors from industries
    Industrial Linkage
    • Rajam Herbal Technologies -Salem
    • A1Chips,Coimbatore
    • Senthu Foods-Mettupalayam
    • Savorit Limited-Dindigul
    • Mega Foods- Chennai
    • Iyarkai Herbals- Erode
    • Banana Slice -Coimbatore
    • International Agro Products-Dindugul
    • Magic Foods-Coimbatore
    • KR Bakes –Coimbatore
  • Funded Events Organized
    Funded Events Organized
    S.No Title Year Sponsoring agency Funds Received
    1 Technical Entrepreneurship Development Program on “Drying Technology for the production of value added foods for the Development of Entrepreneurial skill in Food Processing” Sep to Oct
    DST-NIMAT,NSTEDB,EDI, Gujarat   Rs.3,00,00/-
    Technical Entrepreneurship Development Program on “Processing and Value Addition of fruit and Vegetables” Sep to Oct
    DST-NIMAT,NSTEDB,EDI, Gujarat Rs.3,00,00/-
    National Seminar on “Role of Food Processing in Nutritional Security” August
    Tamil Nadu State Council for Science &Technology, Chennai. Rs.15,000/-
  • Workshops, Conferences and Symposia-Organized
    Workshops, Conferences and Symposia-Organized
    S.No Topic Subject Name of the Chief Guest Date
    1 KBOA Student Chapter activity
    Quality parameters in Bakery products
    Bakery Technology Mr.DesottaKaleeswaran
    Secretary,Karaikudi Bakery Owner’s Association,Karaikudi.
    2 Awareness and Demonstration on Auto CADD,PLC, SCADA Machine Design and Drawing Mr. SrinivasaPrabhu
    Business Manager -Live wire
    CADD Centre, Ramnagar, Coimbatore
    3 Marketing strategies Marketing Management Mr.Jayasekaran Pillai –
    Corporate marketing Associate,
    Seventh Heaven Bakers, Coimbatore.
    4 Awareness on Food Safety Food Safety Mr.Sakthivel,
    Food safety Officer, Cbe.
    5 Schemes for Entrepreneurs in Food Processing in MSME, India Opportunities for food Entrepreneurs Mrs. B. Kayalvizhi, Asst. Director,
    MSME, Ministry of Food Processing, Cbe
    6 e-learning modules for Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship Mrs. Vishnu Priya
    Regional Manager, NEN, Gujarat
    7 Workshop on Industrial Safety and Occupational Hazards Industrial Safety Mr.V. Madhavan
    AGNI, Voice of Safety, Coimbatore
    8 Scope of food Processing –A Global perspective Food Processing Dr.C.T.Devadas,
    Former Director, School of Food Science and Technology,
    Emirate Professor of Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore
    9 Role of Nutrition and Life Style Diseases in Women Food Science Mrs. Kavitha , Dietician, PSG Medical college, Coimbatore 7.9.2016
    10 Awareness on Food Safety Food Safety Mr. Sakthivel,
    Food safety Officer, FSSAI, Coimbatore.
    11 Quality control and Microbiology Testing in Dehydrated Foods. Drying Technology Dr. Ranganathan, Professor,
    Karunya University, Coimbatore.
    12 Empowerment of Professional Women for Sustainable Social Development General awareness on women empowerment Guest Lecture by Dr.Kavidasan, HR Director, Roots Industries, Coimbatore 31.3.16  
    13 Bakery product preparation Bakery Technology Mr.John Paul, Assistant Professor
    RVS College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore
    14 Future of Herbal powders in exports. Fruit and Vegetable processing Mrs. Charulatha
    GCT Herbal Products, Saravanampatti, Coimbatore
    15 Technology based preparation of tomato products Fruit and Vegetable processing Mr. Venkureddy
    Managing Director, SreeMaruthi food products, Coimbatore
    2-11-2016 &
    16   Industry sponsored workshop on Food Security and Challenges   Dairy Engineering Mr.R.Manikavasagam
    General Manager,
    AR Dairy Foods Pvt.Ltd, Dindigul.
    17 Guest lecture and Demonstration on Significance of Food Processing in Nutrition Food Processing Dr.SaraswathyEshwaran
    Ramasamy ChinnammalTrust,
    Vadavalli, Coimbatore.
    18 Social protection and Agriculture World Food Day 2015 Mrs.Chitra, Managing Director,
    Asian organic farms, Coimbatore
    19 Interaction with
    students of FPPT
    Food Technology Prof. Melvin Pascal
    Professor,Food Science &Technology
    College,The Ohio State University,USA.
    20 Interaction with
    students of FPPT
    Awareness on Higher studies in the US Prof.Natarajan Muthusamy
    Food Science& Technology
    College,The Ohio State University,USA.
    21 AUTO CAD & Pro-E Demonstration Machine Design Mr.B.Lawrence
    A+ CADD Centre, Gandhipuram,
    22 ANSYS & MATLAB Demonstration A+ CADD CENTRE,
    Gandhipuram, Coimbatore
  • Guest Lectures Organized
    Guest Lectures Organized
    1 World Food Day 2015 on 13.10.15-Hands on training on “How to set up an Organic Roof Garden and preparation of food waste compost” by Mrs.D.Chitra, Managing Director, Asian Organic Farms, Coimbatore
    2 Guest lecture by R.Radjhamany, Assistant Director, Horticulture Board, Coimbatore
    3 UGC sponsored two days workshop on fondant and sugar crafting on 29.2.16 and 1.3.16 by Mr.Jagadeesan
    4 UGC sponsored two days’ workshop on Fruit and vegetable carving on 7 .3.16and 8.3.16 by Mr.Natarajan
    5 Cookery Competition on flameless healthy cooking on 18.3.16
    6 Guest Lecture on " Schemes for Entrepreneurs in Food Processing in MSME, India "
    by the Department Alumnus
    Mrs.B.Kayalvizhi, Asst.Director,MSME,
    Ministry of Food Processing Industries,Coimbatore on 3.8.2017
  • Our Prestigious Recruiters
    Our Prestigious Recruiters
  • Students Progression To Higher Education
    Students Progression To Higher Education
    Year Number of students Name of institution
    Name of program
    admitted to
    (2013 Batch)
      2 Sri Krishna College of Engineering and Technology, Coimbatore. M.B.A
    (2012 Batch)
    7 Avinashilingam University, Coimbatore M.B.A Tourism
    Dept of FPPT, Faculty of Engineering, Avinashilingam University , Coimbatore M.E Food Technology
    Amrita University, Coimbatore M.B.A
    SRM University, Chennai M.Tech (FSQM)
    Kongu Engineering College, Perundurai. M.Tech Food Technology
    Dept of FPPT, Avinashilingam University, Coimbatore M.E Food Technology
    (2011 Batch)
    7 Tamilnadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore. MBA
    Karunya University, Coimbatore M.Tech. Food Processing and Engineering,
    SRM University,Chennai M.Tech (FSQM),
    Dept of FPPT, Avinashilingam University Coimbatore M.E Food Technology.
    Karunya University M.Tech. Food Processing and Engineering
    IICPT, Thanjavur. M.Tech Food Process Engineering
    Amity University,Noida M.Tech Food Technology
  • Entrepreneurship Details
    Entrepreneurship Details
    2016-2017 (2013 Batch)
    Reg. No Name Company
    Salem, Tamil Nadu, India
    13UEF015 Nivethidha.R CEO, NiveeAmlaProducts,Kosavampalayam, Vavipalayam, Palladam, TIRUPUR, Tamil Nadu 641671.
  • Industrial Tour For Students
    Industrial Tour For Students
    Sl. No. Industry/Research Laboratory visited Date of visit Students Staff Coordinators accompanied
    • Defence Food Research Laboratory, Mysore
    • Nandini Dairy, Mysore
    • United Breweries, Mysore
    26.9.2017 to
    III B.E
    (2015-2019 batch)
    Dr.A.Lovelin Jerald
    • Modern Breads, Cochin
    • Central Institute of Fisheries, Cochin
    20.9.2017 to
    IV B.E
    (2014-2018 batch)
    Mrs.P.Hema Prabha
    3. VelYel Foods,Senthu Foods, Mettuplayam,
    10.9.2016 III B.E
    (2015-2019 batch)
    Dr.A.Lovelin Jerald
    4. LazzaIcecream, Palakkad 18.7.2016 IV B.E
    (2013-2017 batch)
    5. HatsunAgro Products,
    18.6.2016 II B.E
    (2015-2019 batch)
    Mrs.P.Hema Prabha
    7. Aavin Dairy Pvt.Ltd,
    18.2.2016 IV B.E
    (2013-2017 batch)
    8. V.V.V.& Sons, Virudhunagar
    ( Idhayam Gingelly oil)  
    11.3.2015 II B.E
    (2013-2017 batch)
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