• Electronics and Communication Engineering
  • Vision, Mission, PEOs and PSOs

    To offer quality education in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering, empowering the women students with good technical expertise, professional competence and moral values.


    To achieve the vision the department will,

    • Foster a conducive learning environment to enable the students to get well versed with the concepts in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering.
    • Associate with the industries to make the students develop sufficient skills.
    • Encourage the students to involve in research to meet the societal demands.
    • Educate the students to practice personal harmony for self development leading to national unity.

    Our graduates will:

    PEO1: Have a meaningful career in electronics, communication and related fields.
    PEO2: Practice lifelong learning and pursue higher education to solve real world problems individually and in a team.
    PEO3: Have leadership qualities to serve the nation.

    A graduate of the Electronics and Communication Engineering Program will have ability to:

    PSO1: Design and implement electronic systems for real time applications including communication systems, signal processing, VLSI and Embedded systems.
    PSO2: Analyse and solve complex Electronics and Communication Engineering problems, using modern hardware and software tools either independently or in a team.
  • About The Department
    • Programs offered:
      • B.E - Electronics and Communication Engineering
      • M.E - VLSI Design
      • Ph.D - Electronics and Communication Engineering
    • The Department provides quality and contemporary education through effective teaching - learning process that equips the students with adequate knowledge.
    • The curriculum imparts a solid foundation in Electronics and Communication Engineering fundamentals with an attitude to pursue continuing education.
    • Also provides an ability to identify, formulate and apply appropriate techniques, resources and to solve complex electronics & communication engineering problems.
    • Well equipped laboratories - Digital Signal Processing Laboratory, Electronics Laboratory, IC & Communication Laboratory, Microwave and Fibre Optics Laboratory, VLSI Design Laboratory and Embedded Systems Laboratory.
    • Electronics and Communication Engineers are acquired by top recruiters like Robert Bosch, Tech Mahindra, IBM, FCS, HCL Technologies, CTS, TCS, Hexaware Technologies, RCM InfoTech, Dyan InfoTech, etc.
    • Students are encouraged to pursue higher studies in reputed Universities of India and abroad. Few are triggered to become entrepreneurs.
    • Research in the department focuses on high-impact disciplines like:
      • Digital image processing
      • VLSI design
      • Wireless sensor networks
      • Optical networks etc.
    • The Department has well dedicated team of staff members with different specialisation.
    • IETE students' Forum (ISF) co ordinate by the department, organises technical programmes and activities regularly to exchange ideas and information on the emerging trends and new development in the field of Electronics and Communication to nurture the professional skills of student members.

  • Staff
  • Laboratories

    IC and Communication Laboratory


    Digital Signal Processing Laboratory


    Microwave and Fibre Optics Laboratory


    Embedded Systems Laboratory


    VLSI Design Laboratory


    Electronics Laboratory

  • Gold Medallists

    Gold Medallists:

    S.No. Academic Year Name of the Student
    1 2004-2005 (2000 Batch) Sumasini M
    2 2005-2006 (2001 Batch) Ananayaa Gautham
    3 2006-2007(2002 Batch) Ganga R
    4 2006-2008(2003 Batch) Gayathri Anusha A
    5 2008-2009(2004 Batch) Jayaprada Jampani
    6 2009-2010(2005 Batch) Akilaa S.D
    7 2010-2011(2006 Batch) Seetha Lakshmi P
    8 2011-2012(2007 Batch) Gowri G
    9 2012-2013(2008 Batch) Aarthi N
    10 2013-2014(2009 Batch) Janai M
    11 2014-2015(2010 Batch) Sreeji J
    12 2015-2016(2011 Batch) Machireddy Amrutha
    13 2016-2017(2012 Batch) Arya E R
    14 2017-2018(2013 Batch) Mahaalakshmi R
  • Placement
  • Few Eminent Alumni
    Gowri Rao Krishnamurthy,
    Product Manager at Face book,
    San Fransisco, California.
    2002-2006 Batch
    Sharmistha Chatterjee,
    Yoga Teacher, Bangalore
    2003-2007 Batch
    Mrs. Shilpa Gupta,
    Scientist 'D' in Defense Electronics Research Laboratory,
    DRDO (Ministry of Defense) in the field of Electronic Warfare, Bangalore.
    2004-2008 Batch
    Ms. Machireddy Amrutha ,
    pursuing Ph.D at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.
    2011-2015 Batch
    Ms.Sreeji Jagadesan,
    Senior system engineer in M/s.Infosys Pvt.Ltd, Trivandram.
    2007-2011 Batch
    Associate at Cognizant Technology Solutions, Chennai 2010-2014 Batch
  • Guest Lecture and Workshop organised

    Guest Lecture/ Workshop Organised:

    Academic Year 2017-2018

    Name of the Visiting Faculty



    Mr. Senthil Subramaniam,
    Mighty Electronics
    Corporation, Coimbatore
    Seminar on ‘Sensors with Arduino’


    Mr. Deepak chandran,
    Research Engineer
    Seminar on ‘ IoT in Automation’


    Dr. C. S. Manikandababu,
    Associate Professor, Department of ECE,
    Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College
    Guest Lecture on ‘ Fundamentals of Digital Image Processing’


    Mr. G. Ashok Kumar, Manager,
    Emsys Technologies.
    Guest Lecture on ‘ Demonstration of Embedded System application Using ARM Processor’


    Dr. Appavuraj,
    Scientist ‘H’ (Outstanding), Director of Proof and Experimental Establishment (PXE), DRDO, Chandipur,Odisha. Dr. Sethu Madhavan,
    Professor, Head-Cyber Security, TIFAC CORE in Cyber Security, Amrita Vishwa Vidhyapeetham, Coimbatore. Dr. Soundarrajan,
    Professor, Department of EEE, PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore.
    National Seminar on ‘Cyber Security -Contemporary Issues and Challenges’


    Dr. Ashok Vajravelu,
    Associate Professor
    School of Communication and Computer Sciences,
    Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering,
    Kongu Engineering College, Perundurai, Erode. Dr. B. Aruna Devi
    Associate Professor, ECE Department,
    Dr. N. G. P Institute of Technology, Coimbatore. Dr. N. Sathish Kumar
    Professor, ECE Department,
    Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College, Coimbatore.
    Two day ICMR Sponsored Seminar on ‘Technological Advances in Smart Healthcare Monitoring System using IoT’ Sponsored Amount : Rs.40,000.00

    07.09.2017 and 08.09.2017

    Mr. G. Ashok Kumar, Manager,
    Emsys Technologies
    Guest Lecture on ‘ Demonstration of Embedded System application Using ARM Processor’


    Dr. G. Mary Jansi Rani, Professor, ECE department, Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College, Coimbatore. Special lecture on ‘ Wireless Networks and its Applications’


    Dr.Sarvamangala Shankar, Vice Chancellor, Karnataka State Dr.Gangubhai Hangal Music and Performing Arts University, Mysuru. National conference on ‘Influence of Subramanian Bharathiyar’s composition during Pre-independence’

    13.12.2017 & 14.12.2017

    Focus Academy for career Enhancement (FACE)
    12, Lakshmi Nagar, Thottipalayam Pirivu,
    General placement training 05.10.2017-09.10. 2017
    Six Pharse Soft skill Training Aptitude training program 05.10.2017
    Focus Academy for career Enhancement (FACE)
    12, Lakshmi Nagar, Thottipalayam Pirivu, Coimbatore.
    Placement training for Vernalis Systems 14.10.2017
    Mr. Senthuran, Waveform Technologies and Mr. Nadish, ALS Bangalore Demo on ‘Embedded System, VLSI & DSP Trainer kits’ 23.11.17
    Rajesh M, Technical Trainer, Texas Instrument. Demonstration of Embedded kit using IOT 12.12.2017
    Aequitas Global, Coimbatore Communication skill training program 12.12.2017,
    Sanctioned by EDI, India.
    Venue: Faculty of Engineering
    Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp 09.01.2018 and 10.01.2018
    Mr. A, Gopinath, Technical lead, Exploreit. Corp, Coimbatore. Basics of C++ and Data Structures 23.02.2018
    Mr. A, Gopinath, Technical lead, Exploreit. Corp, Coimbatore. Workshop on Embedded Systems-ADVAITA 2018 13.03.2018

    Release of proceedings of One Day National Seminar on Cyber Security: Contemporary Issues and Challenges -28.08.2017 by Sri R. Appavuraj, Scientist 'H' (Outstanding), Director, DRDO, Odisha. 


    Release of proceedings of ICMR Sponsored Two Day Seminar on Technological Advances in Smart Healthcare Monitoring System using IoT- 07.09.2017 by Dr. Ashok Vajravelu, Associate Professor, School of Communication and Computer Sciences, Kongu Engineering College, Perundurai, Erode.


    Technical paper presentation session in one day National Conference on Recent trends in Embedded Systems -08.04.2017 chaired by Dr.S.Kanthalakshmi, Professor, Department of Electrical and Electronics , PSG college of Technology, Coimbatore.

  • IETE students Forum

    IETE students' Forum (ISF) activities:

    Event Title Date
    Quiz Competition Technical Quiz 14.7.2017
    Debate Topic 'Who is more complicated men or women?' and 'Are Social networking sites effective or are they just stalking people?' 02.8.2017
    Quiz Competition and presentation session Technical Quiz and presentation given on the topic ‘How to prepare ppt’ 10.8.2017
    Event- Just a minute activity Topic: ‘Technological Development in Electronics’. 30.08.2017
    Debate Topic 'Is co-education necessary or not?' and ‘Testing of animals for scientific purpose can be allowed or banned’ 05.12.2017
    Poster presentation Recent Trends in Electronics 22.01.2018
    Mini project display Basics of electronics 06.02.2018
    Mini project display Basics of electronics 15.02.2018
    Paper presentation Topic 'Wireless Sensor Networks for Healthcare Monitoring' 09.03.2018
    Prize distribution session Prizes for all the activities conducted for the year are distributed 17.03.2018

    IETE Chairperson : Reshma.A
    Co-Chairperson : Reshma.K.S
    Sceretary : Indhu.S
    Staff Incharge: Dr. R. Sudarmani

    IETE activity ‘Quiz’ conducted on 14.07.2017

    IETE activity 'Debate' conducted on 02.08.2017

    'Prize distribution' IETE events conducted on 17.03.2018

  • Industry Institute Linkages

    Industry Institute Linkages

     Name of the Industry  Duration Objectives of MoU
    Mighty Electronics Equipment Corporation, Coimbatore. 04.09.2017 to 03.09.2022 To help the students in project work, to permit Industrial visits, and to permit in plant training
    VI Microsystems, Chennai. 05.09.2017 to 04.09.2022
    CADD Centre Training Services Pvt Ltd, Chennai. 22.12.2017 to
    • Preparing the students for an enriched college life, setting goals and drawing up career goals.
    • Training on CAD/CAM/CAE/IT/ Project Management Software skills at subsidized cost.
    • Exposing the students to latest technologies.
    • Enhancing the employability level of the students.
    • Facilitating the conduct of workshops, seminars and competitions.
  • BOS
  • Syllabus