• Computer Science and Engineering
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    To empower women technocrats in the field of computer engineering and prepare the students for higher studies and professional career through technology, innovations and human values to serve the changing needs of our nation.

    • To promote the all-round development of the students by providing them sound technical knowledge in the field of computer science and engineering based on the current advances in technology to help the development of nation.
    • To develop employability skills and research capability in women graduates through quality technical education.
    • To provide learning for the enhancement of technical skills, problem solving ability, team spirit, entrepreneurial skills with emphasis on value education with social ethics and cultural values in women technocrats.

    The programme educational objectives of the department are as follows:

    PEO1: To equip the students with fundamental and advanced knowledge in computer science and engineering to pursue higher education and other professional degrees.
    PEO2: Apply their skills to design and find solution to social and technical problems by good team work and technical knowledge.
    PEO3: To address and solve the ethical, cultural and environmental issues related to their technical projects.
    PEO4: To adapt to the rapidly changing technical environment by learning and applying new skills and technologies.
    PSO1: Graduates will be able to understand the fundamental concept and functionality of software and hardware systems.
    PSO2: Graduates will be able to apply mathematical methodologies and algorithms to solve computer system problems.
    PSO3: Graduates will be able to understand the software development methodologies, network technologies and web technologies to have practical proficiencies in software development for real life applications.
  • Department Profile
    • The Department offers B.E, M.E and Ph.D. Programmes in Computer Science and Engineering.
    • The objective of the Department is to provide knowledge of modern computing systems as well as sound theoretical background to meet evolving needs of students so as to bridge the gap between the academia and corporate sector.
    • The Department has highly qualified teaching faculty, well equipped computing facilities with state of the art laboratories and library.
    • The syllabi of the Department are updated regularly to keep up with the growing demands of Industry and to enable students to keep themselves at par with the cutting edge technology.
    • The students gain knowledge in a multitude of specialities including: Software Engineering, Data Mining, Graphics, Data Structures, Architecture, Artificial Intelligence etc.
    • The Department regularly organizes series of lectures by academicians and professionals of the highest repute, which lay stress on the latest innovative technologies in the field of Computer Science and Engineering.       

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