• Civil Engineering
  • Vision, Mission, PEOs and PSOs

    To impart intellectual, value based education for women Civil Engineering students and strive towards excellence for the sustainable development of the society.

    • To promote high calibre quality education with technical skills and develop women Civil Engineering students as best technocrats.
    • To stimulate innovative and critical thinking in the minds of budding Engineers to face the challenges in the future of Civil Engineering.
    • To shape the students with strong ethical values, to serve the society and nation as Civil Engineers.
    • To inculcate, dynamic leadership qualities and make them as role models for challenging society.
    • To eradicate inequality from the minds of women Civil Engineering students and make them as model Entrepreneurs

    The Programme Educational Objectives of the department are as follows:

    PEO1: Demonstrate their professional skills and technical competence into actions to solve wide range of challenging problems in Civil Engineering.
    PEO2: Effectively communicate in multidisciplinary team to understand, analyze, design and develop to lead projects in infrastructure development of nation.
    PEO3: Engage in expanding their research in higher studies and knowledge in professional practice as Civil Engineers throughout their career.
    PEO4: Inculcate excellence, leadership, entrepreneurship, social, professional and environmental ethical responsibility in the fields of Civil Engineering.
    PSO1: To become a women entrepreneur and consultant to utilize the fundamental concepts, techniques, software tools in the field of Civil Engineering.
    PSO2: To take part in societal need projects with ethics and team coordination.
    PSO3: Graduates will be able to understand the software development methodologies, network technologies and web technologies to have practical proficiencies in software development for real life applications.
  • Department Profile
    About the department
    • The Department offers Under Graduate Programme in B.E. Civil Engineering.
    • The curriculum follows choice based credit system with modern developments in this domain and endeavours to develop graduate of high calibre.
    • It renders the students with the ability to explore innovative approaches in planning and design of structures.
    • Students undergo internship training in leading construction industries to gain practical knowledge of techniques involved in construction.
    • It also equips the students with latest technologies in all civil engineering related specializations.
    • Graduate are successful in pursuing higher studies in leading institutions in India and foreign universities.

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  • Seminars, workshops and guest lecture organized

    TNSCST sponsored One Day National Seminar on Carbon Footprint conducted on 05.07.2017

    GIS and its Application in Civil Engineering by Mr. M. Adinarayanan, Managing director, AGIS, Coimbatore on 19.12.2017

    Lecture on Concrete technology and M-sand by X. John Britto, DGM technical,Ultra Ready Mix Concrete Pvt Ltd, Coimbatore conducted on 28.02.2018.

    Lecture on Precast Construction by Dr. M. P. Muthuraj, Assistant professor, Coimbatore Institute of Technology, Coimbatore conducted on 15.03.2018.

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